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Kindle or ‘real-life-in-your-hands-book’

Yes, kindle and e-readers of all kinds have been nothing short of a Reading Revolution. Yes, I heard what I just said. A REVOLUTION!

Hundreds of books on one little digital tablet! Surely this is one of the greatest inventions for all you book lovers out there.

Except, in a lot of cases, it’s not.

The feel of a book in your hands (especially those 700+ page epics); the smell of the new pages; the perfect smoothness and matte finish of a straight-off-the-shelf book. I don’t think there is anything better.

And so, in saying that, I am coming close to having all of my hard copies of ‘Fastian’ gone. I have roughly twenty of them left and they need a good home! I will post them to anyone wishing to purchase one. And why wouldn’t you want one? Only 250 were printed and if (when) one day, global success comes my way, you will be in the possession of something very rare indeed.

My email is coshure96@gmail.com or you can tweet me @jayfinn32 for any details or questions. Go on, what’s the worst that could happen?unnamed

And we start again!

It’s been a while since I’ve dragged myself to the blog, but I’ve been neglecting it more than I should. I suppose I’ve been relaxing slightly after all the hard work I have put into Fastian over the past year or so.

But now … Continue reading

Debut Novel: Fastian … Exciting News!!!

For an arrogant pup like myself, self doubt has never really been something that I’ve had to deal with all that much; until I started writing. Is what I’m writing good enough? Will anyone want to read it? I have no talent! I’m wasting my time. These were just some of the thoughts that drifted through my mind each time I sat down in front of my Mac (yes I love my Mac).

Over the course of five years since I started writing in earnest, there is one completed novel that will never see the light of day; three half finished novels that almost broke my heart and my spirit; numerous short stories that vary between toilet paper and outright genius (the arrogant pup in me coming out).

However, now, after all this time, after all the good wishes and ‘you-can-do-its’ – enter fanfare and cringeworthy cliches – MY TIME HAS COME! Continue reading

What Really Matters

I have some very strongly held beliefs about certain things that have been highlighted in previous posts and I’m sure, will show up like one of Ebenezer Scrooge’s ghosts, in the future. But for now, let me take a side step and create a dichotomy; although your beliefs and passions are important and they DO matter, in the same breath, in the larger scheme of things, it doesn’t matter at all.

Stick with me now! Continue reading

Marie Fleming, Assisted Suicide (Euthanasia)

Today, the 10th of January, 2013, an Irish woman’s case to legalise assisted suicide failed in the Irish High Court.

A bit of background: Marie Fleming, an MS sufferer, wished to end her life because of the rapid deteriation of her health and mobility skills which would lead to her eventual death. Her husband and family want to help her (although saddened by the scenario) but they wanted the legal backing to do it first. Hence bringing this case to the High Court in Ireland.

Today, her case was rejected. Continue reading