Debut Novel: Fastian … Exciting News!!!

For an arrogant pup like myself, self doubt has never really been something that I’ve had to deal with all that much; until I started writing. Is what I’m writing good enough? Will anyone want to read it? I have no talent! I’m wasting my time. These were just some of the thoughts that drifted through my mind each time I sat down in front of my Mac (yes I love my Mac).

Over the course of five years since I started writing in earnest, there is one completed novel that will never see the light of day; three half finished novels that almost broke my heart and my spirit; numerous short stories that vary between toilet paper and outright genius (the arrogant pup in me coming out).

However, now, after all this time, after all the good wishes and ‘you-can-do-its’ – enter fanfare and cringeworthy cliches – MY TIME HAS COME!

‘Fastian’ is just about complete and I have been questioning where do I go from here now that it is almost done? Sure, approaching publishers and agents to try and get my lucrative book deal is what most people might do. Yet, my experiment with self-publishing my two short story compilations has led me to think otherwise. Self-publishing gives you all the power and potentially, a much higher profit margin. Sure, I won’t have the marketing tools that a publishing house can give me but I’m a firm believer that if the story is good enough, it will find its way into the big, bad world.

However, to do such a thing (and I mean to do it properly and as professionally as you can) it’s going to take a small bit of cash behind it.

This, is where you all come in. By chance, about a month ago, I saw a TV show about a bunch of Irish artists. Sculptors, writers, visual artists and the like. They had got funding for their projects from a new company called fundit which offers people with creative projects the chance to tell the world about their specific project and offer rewards in exchange for funding for said project.

A simple premise that has proven to be very popular and most helpful. I decided this was the way for me. You can find my project page for ‘Fastian’ HERE and you can read all about myself and my novel. You make a pledge of however much you wish (make sure and check the rewards section first). Your money is not taken until the time limit has been reached. The time limit is a set number of days that I have to raise the money. If the full amount that I’m looking for has not been reached I will not receive any of the money and your money will not be debited until the final day of the time limit (assuming the target amount has been reached).

And this is my exciting news. I am hoping that a few of you who read this will feel that a small pledge from yourselves is worthy. Whether you know me personally, have read some of my short stories already, or are a complete stranger who wishes to help out a fellow writer get his foot on the first rung of his career, I thank you in advance for at least reading this far.

Should everything go to plan, ‘Fastian’ will either be in your hands, or available for sale September 2013.

3 responses to “Debut Novel: Fastian … Exciting News!!!

  1. Congrats and good luck with your campaign!

  2. Wishing you every success with your Campaign Jay.

  3. Best of luck with the project bro!

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