Monthly Archives: July 2014

And one thing leads to another.

So, today. Yeah, today. I was in a foul mood almost all of the hours since my mind awoke from what can only be described as a disturbing dream. And so it followed that I was in foul humour all day long. Yes, America, humour with a U. Deal with it!

Anywhoooo. I spent all day doubting my writing; doubting my choice at turning aside from the mundane but financially secure world of ‘work.’ I picked up my copy of Fastian and even scoffed at it. Yes, I scoffed. I opened my notebook and started flicking through some scribbles and ideas I have gathered together over the years and scowled at the absolute idiocy of some of them. My day gradually began to get worse. Continue reading

An Ode to Gratitude

It’s been roughly seven months since Fastian hit the the ebookshelves and I’m constantly being asked ‘how’s the book doing?’ or, ‘how are the sales?’

Well, lets put it like this. I haven’t earned enough to buy a new car. I haven’t earned enough to buy a second hand car. I doubt I’ve earned enough to buy a relative of a second hand car. But a rusty engine block of a 99 Ford Fiesta? Yeah, sure, I can afford one of those now. Continue reading