Can I say I’m a bestseller now?

As an independent author, huge marketing budgets and campaigns are a thing we can only look on in envy at. These belong to the ‘published’ authors who have managed to snag a five book deal with a six figure signing on fee. (No bitterness … well maybe just a little).

We rely on three things in my opinion. People willing to take a chance with their hard earned money, word of mouth, and most importantly, a damned well written novel.

I want to take a moment to offer a few words of thanks because, well, yeah, this just happened. unnamed

Yup, yours truly managed to find his way onto the top 5 sellers of a popular genre on a semi-popular, book-selling website.

I want to thank the people who took a chance on Fastian; who took time out to leave reviews; who sent me emails to tell me how much they enjoyed the book and how much they are looking forward to the second installment (this, more than most, has given me real pleasure and renewed my confidence that I’m following the right path); and finally, those of you have helped me promote and get word of Fastian ‘out there,’ I am forever in your debt.

To see my story find its way onto a bestseller list (regardless of just being within a genre and on a semi-popular website) is something no one can ever take away from me. If I was sentimental, I would say it brought a tear to my eye. If I was pragmatic, I would say it’s a good first step. Lucky for everyone, I’m both.

And one final thank you. To all the people who have yet to take the plunge and immerse themselves within world of Edgeweir, thank you for taking a risk (you know you want to) and allowing me to bring Fastian to more and more people everyday.

3 responses to “Can I say I’m a bestseller now?

  1. This is way cool, man! Huge accomplishment. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations. That’s super.

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