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Can I say I’m a bestseller now?

As an independent author, huge marketing budgets and campaigns are a thing we can only look on in envy at. These belong to the ‘published’ authors who have managed to snag a five book deal with a six figure signing on fee. (No bitterness … well maybe just a little).

We rely on three things in my opinion. People willing to take a chance with their hard earned money, word of mouth, and most importantly, a damned well written novel. Continue reading

Debut Novel: Fastian … Exciting News!!!

For an arrogant pup like myself, self doubt has never really been something that I’ve had to deal with all that much; until I started writing. Is what I’m writing good enough? Will anyone want to read it? I have no talent! I’m wasting my time. These were just some of the thoughts that drifted through my mind each time I sat down in front of my Mac (yes I love my Mac).

Over the course of five years since I started writing in earnest, there is one completed novel that will never see the light of day; three half finished novels that almost broke my heart and my spirit; numerous short stories that vary between toilet paper and outright genius (the arrogant pup in me coming out).

However, now, after all this time, after all the good wishes and ‘you-can-do-its’ – enter fanfare and cringeworthy cliches – MY TIME HAS COME! Continue reading

Between Religion and a Hard Place, Part 1: God Without Religion.

In almost every single way, I am identical to atheists. Almost. In a moment I’ll go into our similarities but just for this second let me tell you the one irreconcilable difference between us.


Yes, you heard me. I said it in cap-locks and ended with a exclamation point so there could be no confusion about what I just said. I BELIEVE IN GOD! True, you may have read some of my previous posts with regards religion and such and wonder have I ‘turned a corner’ or ‘seen the light.’ The answer to that is no. However, it’s not quite that simple (or in fact it’s very simple but the world has been taken over by people who don’t like simplicity, therefore it is now ‘simplicity’ which must be explained).

I, just like the atheists, detest religion and cast it aside as nothing more than a human myth that has gotten out of hand and has caused so much suffering in this world out ours. Continue reading

Ebooks are FREE!!!!

If you look to the left on my page, under ‘blogroll’ you will see the links to my two ebooks. Both are available for the next 2 days to download for FREE!!! Yes, for FREE!! So go have a look yourself, reblog this post, tell a friend. Get your hands on them for FREE!!! Also, if you do download them and you enjoy them, please ‘like’ them on the amazon page and/or leave a review 🙂 Thanks guys. Hope you like them. Jay.

School Daze

Coming home from the library today (where I was busy working on ‘As the Black Crow Flies’) I passed by my old school. It was lunchtime and the minions that are know as students were making their way up and down the street; going to get some lunch or gather somewhere for a cheeky smoke. I couldn’t help but look back to my own school days.

I thoroughly detested school! Continue reading

Being Quoted Already

Now all I need is for people to know who I am. ‘As the Black Crow Flies’ better get out of my head, onto paper and into bookshops quickly!