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Earlier today, I read a facebook post from a friend of mine, where she listed the top ten albums that were life changing or influential in some way. NOT her favourite albums, but the most influential. Which got me thinking: What has influenced me in my life and why? Well, I just had to blog about it didn’t I? So here is, in no particular order, some books, movies, people and life events that helped shape and mould the person I am today. Continue reading

Robin Williams and the ignorance around depression.

In the wake of the Robin Williams’ death, there has been a huge outpouring of grief across the globe. Social media in particular have not been shy in sharing favourite quotes, movies and memories as their way of showing how much he meant to us. As horrific and sad as someone’s untimely passing is, it always fills me with genuine joy to see how much one person can touch the hearts and minds of others.

For me, he will always be Mork. I grew up loving that show and although movies like Dead Poet’s Society and What Dreams May Come are also huge favourites of mine it will always be Mork and Mindy that enters my head when I hear his name mentioned.

But this piece is not about my own personal feelings towards the man, rather, the illness of depression and the absolute ignorance that still surrounds mental health issues. Continue reading