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Here is an interview I did with Maria Savva after she read my two ebooks ‘Looking Back’ and ‘Beneath the Darkness’

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Newest review


Newest review of one of my ebooks. Smiles all around!

Self promotion

Ok. So you’ve spent months upon months carefully crafting your masterpiece. Be it a novel, a collections of short stories or even poetry (yuck). Now what?

Well you have decided that self publishing is for you because it gives you all the power and the freedom you need. Also, there is no guarantee that by taking the standard route of agent/publisher, you will ever find one or the other who wants to represent you. Self publishing takes the wondering out of whether you will ever see your name in print or not. Continue reading

Many apologies

Ladies and gents, my sincerest apologies for being so ‘lack’ lately on my posts.

Things in the life of Jay Finn have been a bit hectic lately and now, November, is Na-No-Wri-Mo which means I’ll be stuck heavily into getting the novel as close to finished as I possibly can.

As an update on that, it seems the it the novel has taken a drastic turn in terms of plot. I’m not sure how most of my fellow authors plan their novels, but for me, apart from a very loose outline, it’s very much ‘flying by the seat of my pants.’ Not always a good thing, but at least it keeps it exciting for me. I couldn’t sit down every day and write, knowing what the outcome of the days work will be. I couldn’t be a writer if that were the case. I like to write my stories the same way as I read them: not knowing (but having a vague idea) of what comes next.

Anyway. I think I’ll be relatively quiet here over the next month or so. I’ll try drop in and let ye all know about my progress and how I’m getting on. For anyone else in the same boat, best of luck over the following days.

Write on!