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St. Patrick’s Day!

First and foremost, I’m quite happy to be an Irishman. The main reason being the hospitality with which people of other nationalities treat you once finding out that you’re Irish (my twitter followers being a perfect example of this). However, it’s on days like March 17th each year that makes me cringe; with both embarrassment and anger.

I suppose you’ll be wanting to know why? Of course you will. Well, here’s why. Continue reading

Delighted that my six little words have been victorious. Granted, it’s only six words, but any excuse to celebrate 🙂

Between Religion and a Hard Place, Part 2: God doesn’t care.

Whatever religion it is you hold yourself to, there is one thing that is universal pin that combines them all: If you don’t behave, things won’t work out the best.

In Christianity, there is hell (for the misbehaver) not to mention purgatory. In Buddhism, there is ‘Bad Karma.’ Islam also teaches of a hell, Jahannam I believe it’s called. The Hindu’s have Naraka. I mean, I could go on and on but you get the point. Religion, all of them, teach that if you mess up in this life, you’ll pay for it in the next.

Although I have many issues with organised religion, this is one of the ones that really gets my goat. Continue reading

Between Religion and a Hard Place, Part 1: God Without Religion.

In almost every single way, I am identical to atheists. Almost. In a moment I’ll go into our similarities but just for this second let me tell you the one irreconcilable difference between us.


Yes, you heard me. I said it in cap-locks and ended with a exclamation point so there could be no confusion about what I just said. I BELIEVE IN GOD! True, you may have read some of my previous posts with regards religion and such and wonder have I ‘turned a corner’ or ‘seen the light.’ The answer to that is no. However, it’s not quite that simple (or in fact it’s very simple but the world has been taken over by people who don’t like simplicity, therefore it is now ‘simplicity’ which must be explained).

I, just like the atheists, detest religion and cast it aside as nothing more than a human myth that has gotten out of hand and has caused so much suffering in this world out ours. Continue reading