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Debut Novel: Fastian … Exciting News!!!

For an arrogant pup like myself, self doubt has never really been something that I’ve had to deal with all that much; until I started writing. Is what I’m writing good enough? Will anyone want to read it? I have no talent! I’m wasting my time. These were just some of the thoughts that drifted through my mind each time I sat down in front of my Mac (yes I love my Mac).

Over the course of five years since I started writing in earnest, there is one completed novel that will never see the light of day; three half finished novels that almost broke my heart and my spirit; numerous short stories that vary between toilet paper and outright genius (the arrogant pup in me coming out).

However, now, after all this time, after all the good wishes and ‘you-can-do-its’ – enter fanfare and cringeworthy cliches – MY TIME HAS COME! Continue reading

Debut Novel: Fastian

People, people, people. I have (potentially) some very exciting news coming up in the next few days with regards to my debut novel ‘Fastian’. I can’t say too much as of yet, but I’ll know more for definite in the next few days and I’m hoping that I can share the news with you then.

So, keep your eyes peeled both on here and on twitter for all updates. I’ll be hoping that some of you will be able to help me bring ‘Fastian’ to life sooner than I had anticipated.

Excitedly yours, Jay Finn.