Monthly Archives: December 2012

‘Tis the season.

Christmas is just around the corner; followed shortly by the New Year. Now, for the most part, Christmas and New Year are about two things; Shopping and Resolutions.

Oh how I wish it wasn’t so. It’s a wonderful time of the year, one I truly look forward to. Yet, as much as we love the ideology behind this time of the year, it seems to be a commercial venture more than anything else. New Year, too. Although the spirit of it is wonderful – let’s make some positive changes in our lives – it still is about where you spend New Years Eve!

I’ve decided this year, when it comes to presents, that I’m giving everyone a budget of, lets say €20. I’m lucky I only have a few people to buy for anyway and come New Years Eve, I hope that any resolution I do make is one that is not filled with self-interest; instead let it be something like, ‘being more patient with people who quite often test my patience’ hahahah I’m not saying that will be my resolution, so all you people whose heads I have bitten off in the past year, don’t necessarily be expecting any change in that department.

Perhaps this holiday season I’ll be a little less Ebenezer and a little more Sam Gamgee.