Robin Williams and the ignorance around depression.

In the wake of the Robin Williams’ death, there has been a huge outpouring of grief across the globe. Social media in particular have not been shy in sharing favourite quotes, movies and memories as their way of showing how much he meant to us. As horrific and sad as someone’s untimely passing is, it always fills me with genuine joy to see how much one person can touch the hearts and minds of others.

For me, he will always be Mork. I grew up loving that show and although movies like Dead Poet’s Society and What Dreams May Come are also huge favourites of mine it will always be Mork and Mindy that enters my head when I hear his name mentioned.

But this piece is not about my own personal feelings towards the man, rather, the illness of depression and the absolute ignorance that still surrounds mental health issues.

On Fox news yesterday, a guy called Shep Smith, made the comment live on air that Robin Williams was a coward. Watch it here and a British radio personality called Alan Brazil, called his suicide deplorable and that he felt no sympathy towards him whatsoever. Listen to it

5 responses to “Robin Williams and the ignorance around depression.

  1. It was saying on one of the paper’s he lost $25 million in his 2 divorces and his Vineyard and that he was making films he didn’t want to make just to make ends meet. He had very bad fortune and was in a life he didn’t want to be in. The depression of that I can only guess was horrendous.

    • That’s just tabloid sensationalism adding fuel to a fire that doesn’t need to be lit. I wouldn’t ever pay any attention to dirty rags like that. Regardless of his private issues with money and divorces, he suffered from depression and addiction problems long before and divorces and so called money problems.
      You’ve totally missed the point of the piece I just wrote. There is no ‘why.’

  2. Reading posts like this make me so happy that Fox news isn’t broadcast in this country and that Shep Smith and Alan Brazil cannot reach me with their poison. It’s really depressing that the media cannot express condolences and fond remembrances when a celebrity passes, but rather have to dig deep into their closets and bring the skeletons out to dance awhile in the limelight. When the skeletons are too few or too benign they feel compelled to resort to innuendo and outright lies.

    That being said, can we hold the media completely responsible? Without a ravenous public who are all too eager to consume the tripe they put out, they’d be out of business wouldn’t they? So, apparently they’re just giving us what we want at the expense of beloved people like Robin Williams. Thanks for publishing this post, Jay!

  3. Jay now that time has passed we can see there IS a why so maybe you could look at this again. Those points I made about the divorces and the money were in the papers, I didn’t say believed them and yes they write a lot of crap in the papers, it was a bit arrogant of you to say, “tabloid sensationalism”, “dirty rags”, but that’s not my point here.
    We do know why he committed suicide and it was Lewy Body Dementia (L.B.D.)

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