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Triptychs – Coming Soon

I know, I know. It’s been a while since I’ve been on here and updated this place with the cacophony of thoughts residing within my head. Well, I’ve been busy; constructing my newest novel which is going to be a humdinger if my inner critic is to be believed.

Also, I’ve been busy writing some short stories which I was honoured to be asked to do for the upcoming anthology, Triptychs, which you can pre-order here for .99 cents. It will be $3.99 on its release on March 16th. So PRE-ORDER NOW!

The concept behind the short story collection is simple. I received two photographs which I was to use for inspiration to create my short stories. There are eight photographs in all with three authors writing stories or poems on each photograph.

It’s a real neat idea and the quality of the stories is top notch. I’m delighted to have been asked to take part and I’m equally delighted now for the people who have my enjoyed my writing to get to read some new material.

So, pre-order now if you can and I’ll be giving more info and updates the sooner we get to the release date of March 16th.

Hope all you guys out there are well.

And one thing leads to another.

So, today. Yeah, today. I was in a foul mood almost all of the hours since my mind awoke from what can only be described as a disturbing dream. And so it followed that I was in foul humour all day long. Yes, America, humour with a U. Deal with it!

Anywhoooo. I spent all day doubting my writing; doubting my choice at turning aside from the mundane but financially secure world of ‘work.’ I picked up my copy of Fastian and even scoffed at it. Yes, I scoffed. I opened my notebook and started flicking through some scribbles and ideas I have gathered together over the years and scowled at the absolute idiocy of some of them. My day gradually began to get worse. Continue reading

And we start again!

It’s been a while since I’ve dragged myself to the blog, but I’ve been neglecting it more than I should. I suppose I’ve been relaxing slightly after all the hard work I have put into Fastian over the past year or so.

But now … Continue reading

Write your personality.

Dear, Readers,

Firstly, let me apologise for this prolonged absence. I had a minor medical matter that needed to be taken care of (it has been, and I am fine and well and recovering nicely, thank you very much), but I missed this place; missed it dearly. For what writer enjoys not being in a fit enough condition to do so?

Over the past few weeks I have been giving my writing, and writing in general, quite a bit of thought. Oh, not plot or character or themes or anything as enjoyable as that. No, I have been considering how much of our own personalities we actually put into our writing, if any at all. And I don’t just mean, how much of ourselves do we put into our main character or our villain. I’m looking at all aspects of writing. When we write; our style of writing; the amount we write per sitting; are we planners or pantsers.

More importantly, are we substituting our own personality in favour for the behaviour of our favourite (favorite for my American friends) authors and how they write? Are we following others methods of writing at the expense of finding our own unique way? Continue reading

Finding the words

With a newly built library in the vicinity, I was flowing over with anticipation of having a quiet spot to write, think and generally be an all round literary genius. Maybe scratch the last part of that sentence. Still, having found myself a corner, with a large window where I can view the world passing by me, I still can’t seem to get the words to flow. Conditions are perfect: Almost complete silence; comfort, humans around me who are also keen to partake in the wonder that is a library, yet I still find myself floundering.

It is not as if I have writers block. Far from it. The ideas are there, they are fresh and unique as they should be, but I am still finding it difficult to string the words together. Far be it from me to ever think that writing a story should be anything other than ‘simple’, yet somehow its difficulty is in sharp contrast to other times I have found myself slouched over my beloved Mac.

This is not a bitchy post. Let’s view more as a statement of fact. It is annoying to say the least, but I am not dry of inspiration. I’m just crossing my fingers, gritting my teeth and getting the words down as best I can. Perhaps this is the beauty of editing. A chance to come back and destroy the lazy words without destroying the idea.


When you’re walking along and out of nowhere, an image flashes through your mind like a bolt of lightning. It’s a wonderful moment. Almost an epiphany. You see a character, perhaps a freeze frame of an image where you can’t make it out exactly, but you have an idea of what’s going. Those moments are rare and precious to any writer. It’s a Eureka moment when you wonder to yourself ‘how have I not thought of this before, it’s so blessedly perfect.’ That’s because it is. And when these ideas come, or inspiration or whatever word you feel comfortable using, you have to act immediately if possible.


These ideas are often said to be just like a dream upon waking. Not a bad analogy, but this one suits me better. Ideas are like nuggets of gold. You can be walking the river when BAM! the bright sparkle of the gold nugget catches your eye through the clear water. If you don’t act straight away, the water might wash the nugget away; perhaps it might rain and the river will become dark or muddy with the heaving water. You’ll know where the nugget is, but try as you might, you won’t be able to find it. Oh, you’ll remember the moment you spied it. It’s luminosity, it’s sharpness of colour, even it’s shape. But the thing that makes the nugget real, will be forever from your grasp.

Writers, when the idea comes. ACT! Or you may lose her forever.

Starting the journey

Welcome all to my new blog. From here I hope to share my journey as an author. Both the highs and the lows and the ever present, procrastination. All the links to my books, which are available on amazon, are there for you to click, preview and hopefully enjoy.