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And we start again!

It’s been a while since I’ve dragged myself to the blog, but I’ve been neglecting it more than I should. I suppose I’ve been relaxing slightly after all the hard work I have put into Fastian over the past year or so.

But now … Continue reading

Fastian is now an ebook.

It’s taken longer than I had imagined, but finally, after receiving my hard copies, Fastian is now available to purchase on Amazon. It will be up on other online stores in the coming weeks but most people tend to use Amazon so I’m happy that it’s finally up there.

I haven’t written much here in the past while, what with being busy preparing for a book launch, getting the books delivered and sorting through the tedious process that is independent publishing. And believe me, it is tedious. Perhaps frustrating is a better word for it. Being a writer is fun; it’s fulfilling, it’s hard work but highly rewarding. The process of promotion, funding, formatting and all the other niggly little details involved in independent publishing are not my forte. But, these are the things that one must learn if being an independent author is what one wants.

However, the struggle is now over. I can now sit back and check Amazon hourly like an obsessive Mother looking over her darling son. Yes, this is now my life. Perhaps when I begin work on the second book in the series I can learn to let go of Fastian just a bit. But for now, I will fuss over him like I have earned the right to do.

So, it’s Christmas. Treat yourself or a loved one to a wonderfully entertaining gift and purchase Fastian online here

Cover Revealed

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!

It has been many weeks since I’ve last been here but I’ve been extra busy finishing up ‘Fastian.’ Second draft, third draft, yada-yada-yada. You know the score.

It is finally finished and today it’s off to the printers so I thought I’d spoil you all and reveal the front cover. Mostly, because it’s absolutely amazing (in my opinion anyway) but also because I’m too damned impatient to not share it with you all.

I’ll be on again soon to let everyone know about the details of purchase and it’s official online release date. I have a new website now to drool over and make my own so that will keep me occupied for the next while.

I hope you’re all well and I hope even more that you find the cover tempting enough to make you want to read the pages beneath it.photo

‘Fastian’ Artwork

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything on here, and for that let me apologize. However, I have been mad busy with getting ‘Fastian’ finished in time for his October release. Even still, I am unsure if I’m going to make that deadline or not. But it’s safe to say that it will be in your hands or on your kindle before Christmas (should you choose to purchase it of course).

But yesterday I received the first proof of the the book cover. A pencil sketch that left me blown away. I’m over the moon with it. I can’t stress enough how important I believe a good book cover to be. Especially for a relatively unknown author among the thousands of other unknowns. Any edge you can get to get people to stop to have a browse over your book is an edge worth having. Luckily enough I have a hugely talented cousin, Karl O’ Donnell, who is doing my cover for me. Hand painted, no less.

So, as a teaser/taster for all you guys, here’s a glimpse of part of the initial pencil sketch cover for ‘Fastian.’ Hopefully it will whet your appetite for the book itself.photo

Getting Stuff Done

One thing I see a lot of on blog posts these days, are ways to help produce your creativity and your creative output. And it’s not just the average blogger like you or I. Stephen King has written a book solely about his own ‘how-to’ of writing, if you will. Neil Gaiman has spoken on it, Joss Whedon, too. In fact, I’ll make an assumption that every author who has ever penned anything noteworthy (or not noteworthy at all) has had something to say on Getting Stuff Done.

Here’s my two pence.

Stop reading about how to Get Stuff Done and just Get Stuff Done.

This is going to be a rather short post. You know why? Of course you do. Because I’ve got Stuff to be Getting Done.

We Have Lift Off

To say I’m excited is an understatement. To say, I’m grateful doesn’t even come close. To say I’m relieved is misuse of that simple adjective. I believe ecstatic is the best of describing my emotions right now and for this one simple reason (enter cap locks): FASTIAN REACHED ITS FUNDING TARGET!!!!

That’s right, internet and it’s countless minions. Come next Sept/Oct ‘Fastian’ will be available in both hard copy (a limited number) and of course on your kindle or any other sort of digital reading device that I have yet to purchase myself (I still like the smell of new paper).

I just want to share the good news, thank all the people who helped with the funding, messages of support and constant reminders that ‘Yes, I will make my target.’ If only I could bottle your positivity more often myself, then perhaps I wouldn’t be filled with self doubt while I edit ‘Fastian’ and think, ‘what kind of scene was that?!?!’

I will be keeping you all updated on the process and hopefully come time of release I will have a plethora of bodies queueing up in the amazon, sony, nook, barnes and noble, (insert other online store) to purchase their own copy.

Thanks again and please excuse me while I spend the rest of the day basking in the glory and knowledge that ‘Fastian’ will be with us all soon and thinking about whether or not I should take up this yoga class tonight I’ve been threatening to begin for quite a while.

Write your personality.

Dear, Readers,

Firstly, let me apologise for this prolonged absence. I had a minor medical matter that needed to be taken care of (it has been, and I am fine and well and recovering nicely, thank you very much), but I missed this place; missed it dearly. For what writer enjoys not being in a fit enough condition to do so?

Over the past few weeks I have been giving my writing, and writing in general, quite a bit of thought. Oh, not plot or character or themes or anything as enjoyable as that. No, I have been considering how much of our own personalities we actually put into our writing, if any at all. And I don’t just mean, how much of ourselves do we put into our main character or our villain. I’m looking at all aspects of writing. When we write; our style of writing; the amount we write per sitting; are we planners or pantsers.

More importantly, are we substituting our own personality in favour for the behaviour of our favourite (favorite for my American friends) authors and how they write? Are we following others methods of writing at the expense of finding our own unique way? Continue reading