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Print Media: To Sell or to Inform?

For the past few years, one thing that has been seriously getting under my skin is the media. I know this is not something new and I’m sure lots of us feel the same way but I want to make a comment on it none-the-less.

I’ll forsake beating all forms of media with the same brush and I’ll just stick to the newspapers. TV, and social media, you have escaped my wrath. For now!

To get my point across I’ll use two recent events that have been prevalent in the weeks newspapers. The Boston Bombings and Luis Suarez. Before I start, let me just say that there are many print journalists out there that I admire but for the most part, that is not the case. It is in fact the opposite. Also, there are some newspapers (be they published in hard copy or online) that I do have time for but again, unfortunately, they are in the minority. Continue reading