Why choose me?


In the world of independent publishing, we, the reader, are confronted with a barrage of short stories, novellas and novels of every genre imaginable (and even some that aren’t). So how do we choose what to buy and what not to buy?

Well, there are a few ways to answer that. We buy the work of our friends, or of independent authors we have read before and enjoyed their work. We buy because it is the genre we love (I am constantly shocked at how many women buy erotic novels. Seriously, a nipple on a sculpted male torso on the front cover and you’re golden). Speaking of such, we sometimes buy because the cover caught our eye, and the blurb sounded interesting. Also, we buy because the reviews are good. Their is nothing more valuable to an independent author than reviews. Not necessarily all 5 star reviews (though that does help), but reviews are the lifeblood of our careers. Success or failure may hinge on them.

However, all of that aside, there is one thing that drives sales of a book more than anything else, and this is a two parter: The story, and word of mouth.

When I am writing, or thinking of writing, or planning and plotting or scribbling ideas, the one thing I constantly remind myself is story, story, story. You could write the most beautiful, literary piece of prose the world has ever know, but if there is no story, then, for me, the piece is redundant. And once a story is good enough, and if enough people manage to read it, that is where word of mouth comes in. What better advertising for your book than for a complete stranger to tell another complete stranger ‘Hey, you should buy such and such by so and so. It’s value cannot be measured and it’s worth cannot be weighed.

It is priceless.

So then, we have a dilemma. If word of mouth is the best way for people to hear about your book, it only goes to reason, that someone has to have read it first based on other reasons.

And now to the title of this piece. Why choose me? What makes me so worthy that you should pick Fastian ? Why not choose another title by another author whose book cover is even prettier than mine?

The simple answer is, there is no reason. Not a real and conclusive reason anyhow.

But I can’t have that. That’s not good enough. Fastian deserves to be read. He spent years in my mind along with Jacob and Alabaster Shanks and the land of Edgeweir. They deserve an audience.

I could continue on in such a fashion and turn this piece into one overly large and cringeworthy sales pitch but that would be poor on my part, and distressing for you, I’m sure.

So all I say, is that you should take a chance. If you love story (it is a fantasy piece, but not written so as it is only accessible to fantasy readers) then Fastian is worth taking a chance on. If it is good enough, (which I think it is, naturally) then you will want to tell someone about it, maybe tell two people. And so the growth begins. The way every independent author hopes it will when they take the first tentative steps of putting pen to paper.

This is after all, a giant adventure everyone of us takes when we commit to something so mind and time consuming.

So, why choose me?

Well, why not!

8 responses to “Why choose me?

  1. Great post, Jay. You made some great points. It is rather difficult to pitch yourself. I mean, as a writer in this era of independent publishing, it is a necessity and of course it’s not for a lack of passion in your own story, but I find it rather unnerving. Mathair has no problem doing it and excels at it, but I got into this business with dreams of being holed up in a cabin on a mountain typing away under a penname (sans author picture on my novel) and making the occasional speaking engagement and book signing. (By occasional, I mean once a year.) Boy was my hermit/author dream popped. When Mathair and I started writing together, she informed me that I should thank the good Lord that I teamed with her because there’d be no way I’d make it in this new fandangled do-it-yourself literary world on my own. LOL As soon as we can, we’ll be posting our review of Fastian, Jay. We have a few other reviews that we’ve promised to friends of ours, but we are so excited to delve into the world of Edgeweir.

    • Inion, I had exactly the same ideas. But independent publishing means not being JUST a writer, but a marketing expert with no sense of shame. I dislike that part of the job, but as long as I view that part of things as a job and not the writing, well then, that’s not so bad. I really hope you enjoy Fastian!

  2. Pimping your own goods is a necessary evil. You present it logically here. Well done. (And thanks for the Follow.) Cheers, Dave.

  3. You ‘pimped’ that far better than I ‘pimp’ my own. Hope you sell thousands.

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