‘Fastian’: Progress Report

Ladies and germs, it’s been just over two weeks since I came to you all with the news about my debut novel ‘Fastian’ and my attempt to self publish and the actual funding process of doing so.

Well, great news. With a target of €1600 to meet within six weeks, after just over two weeks I have just passed the €1000 mark. I am delighted with all the words of support and kindness, but even more so, I’m over the moon at the financial help that people have afforded me. Be it ten, a hundred or anything in between. They all mean as much to me as the other.

Before I get too fricking emotional about it all (yes, I get emotional) I just want to keep you all up to date and hope that anyone now reading this can help get me over the finishing line and have a direct hand in helping get ‘Fastian’ to market.

You can go here and check out my funding page. It will give you all the info on myself and ‘Fastian’ and how you can help.

I hope this all find you well and I haven’t been posting much lately because I’m so fricking busy getting to the end of my 120,000 work of magic (modesty was never my strong point).

3 responses to “‘Fastian’: Progress Report

  1. Ha ha. Ladies and germs. Do ladies and germs dance together?

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