Between Religion and a Hard Place, Part 1: God Without Religion.

In almost every single way, I am identical to atheists. Almost. In a moment I’ll go into our similarities but just for this second let me tell you the one irreconcilable difference between us.


Yes, you heard me. I said it in cap-locks and ended with a exclamation point so there could be no confusion about what I just said. I BELIEVE IN GOD! True, you may have read some of my previous posts with regards religion and such and wonder have I ‘turned a corner’ or ‘seen the light.’ The answer to that is no. However, it’s not quite that simple (or in fact it’s very simple but the world has been taken over by people who don’t like simplicity, therefore it is now ‘simplicity’ which must be explained).

I, just like the atheists, detest religion and cast it aside as nothing more than a human myth that has gotten out of hand and has caused so much suffering in this world out ours.

In this entire debate that has surrounded God and his/her existence (especially in the past fifteen years) frequently, God has been placed in the corner of religion and the absence of God has been placed in the corner of atheism.
How unfair! How small minded! I, like the atheists, believe that religion, and all the myths and stories that go with it (particularly The Bible, because it’s the one I’m most familiar with) are nothing but make-believe, hokey-pokey. This is not the point I’m trying to get to today, though.

The thing that gets my goat, is that God, in this argument, is a being that belongs exclusively to the religious. Since when did this happen? I’m not alone in thinking that there is a God and an ‘afterlife’ of some description (the staple of the religious) but that any Religion that tells me how to get there or offers me rules, agendas and dogma is nothing short of ridiculous and an insult to my intelligence (the staple of the atheist).

Why must God belong to the religious alone? Why must atheism and its arguments be cast aside because they don’t believe in God? Why must there be only two sides to the argument. Are people like me a minority? Or maybe, if we mention the word God, the religious side will claim us as their own and we will be cast aside by the atheists! Since when did the religious nuts and outspoken atheists get the monopoly on speaking rights with regards to God? How arrogant! How unfair!

Let me make myself very clear about who I am with the following points. (Please note, this is only a part of who I am, not me in my entirety)

I completely cast aside ALL religion. Any group of people who claim to know truly who or what God is are liars and charlatans. Any group of people who find ‘rules’ with how to please God and ‘live a good life’ within a book or dogma truly does not understand what God is or how to live a good life. Religion, for the most part, preaches hate, bigotry, slavery and judgement among other things alongside its often overlooked positive messages of love and togetherness. This is not of God.
I completely agree with atheisms attack on religion and what it stands for. All religions, not just one in particular. But I disagree with their notion that God does not exist and I despise atheists who, when they hear I believe in God, cast me into the same pot as the religious.

God does not belong to anyone. My belief in God does not make me religious (in fact, the God I believe in has never been seen in any religion I’ve ever heard of).

In conclusion, if you are like me, we belong in the global discussion of who/what/whether about God. It’s time to put the extremists of both sides of the argument away.

3 responses to “Between Religion and a Hard Place, Part 1: God Without Religion.

  1. I believe in God, just not religion. As well as causing physical suffering it is the cause of mental torment too. This “Original Sin” craic, that’s just terrible, that’s the same as say, “You’ve failed before you’ve started”. And for all the contradict what they say is right and wrong, how could anyone take them seriously? Robin Hood: Men In Tights, Catholic Priests: Men In Dresses.

  2. Love your thought provoking blogs. I totally agree with you. Coincidentally, there was a discussion on Radio 4 this morning about whether you can have morality without religion. I consider myself a moral thinking person but I am totally anti-religion, mainly because of the outright tyranny, oppression and double standards it has inflicted on women down the ages. I was inspired to right a novel about it. Religion has dumped all the sins of the world upon women’s heads since the time of Eve.I have never felt further away from ‘God’ than in a church or when with people who profess themselves to be ‘deeply religious’. I have felt closest to ‘God’ when sat atop a Welsh mountain in awe of the sheer, miraculous beauty of the world.

    • Couldn’t agree more. My thoughts on religion are similar to yours (as you’ve read) yet I believe in God or an afterlife or whatever you want to call it. I hate the the religious and non believers get the floor on the god debate.

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